Dating & Relationship Talk With Laura

a couple in loveHello and welcome to my new dating and relationships blog. Relationships is a topic that is close to my heart and through a lot of research and experience in the field, I have become somewhat of an expert on the subject.

I am not an official expert so please do not take my words literally or as gospel, but I have accumulated a good knowledge of dating and the differences between men and women that I have been able to help out several of my friends in some rather dire relationship situations.

So I have decided to start this blog to share my research and experiences online and hopefully I will be able to give a few people some insight as I go along my blogging journey.

One question that many of my friends have is, ‘What does it mean when a man goes cold in the early stages of a relationship?’

This is a very good question and is one that perplexed me for several years until I finally got insight on this from a few of my guy friends. Once I had spoken to them it really did help me to understand guys a lot better and made my dating experiences from then onwards much more fun.

Basically, guys do this for several reasons;

Too Fast Too Quickly

He’s feeling nervous about moving too quickly and getting into a new commitment. Most guys can be quite reserved about commitment and in the early stages of a relationship they mostly just want to relax with you, have fun, find out who you are and not feel pressured.

If you give him the impression too soon that you are getting heavy or are viewing the two of you as being in a relationship before you actually are, then he will most likely start to head for the hills.

Not 100% Sure About You

Another reason that he may be pulling back is because there’s something that he’s still not 100% sure about you. What I mean by this is there may be something about you that would ordinarily cause him to not be interested in you, but he is still finding you very attractive in other ways, so he assessing his feelings about you to see if he is really as keen as he thinks he is.

Some examples of this may be if there is a big age gap between the two of you that he feels may be an issue at some point in the relationship. You could me either much older or much younger than him, which could be causing he to have some doubts.

In this scenario, it is good to let him have his space to mull it over, but at the same time, make sure you show him all your great qualities when you are with him and give him a lot of good reasons to carry on dating you if you do still want to see him.

He’s just not that into you

Unfortunately, this can also be a possibility. There may have been some initial attraction, which brought the two of you together in some way, but if that has worn off, he may be starting to look for the exit.

If this is the case, then unfortunately you don’t have much choice but to accept it and graciously move on.

If you need some more insight into why he may be going cold on you, then here is a great video with a few moreĀ ideas and reasons for this.

Hopefully this has helped to give you a little more insight. Come back soon for more info about guys and dating!