How To Find Out If Your Ex Boyfriend Wants To Get Back With You

a woman hugging her boyfriend's back in a fieldBreaking up with your boyfriend can be quite devastating, and the days that follow can be even more confusing more so when you have to deal with constant nagging and mixed feelings from your ex boyfriend. If you’re wondering why your boyfriend has been behaving weirdly towards you, perhaps it would be important to find out more about some of the telltale signs that he wants you back.

By reading this article, you are going to gain insights on how your ex boyfriend is likely to behave if he wants to get back with you.

Signs that Your Ex Boyfriend Wants You Back

Shows you he misses you

Your ex boyfriend definitely misses something about you, which might make him want you back. So, he is likely to do certain things that would be a clear sign that he misses you and what you shared together. Some of the things he is likely to do if he misses you and wants you back include:

  • Constantly initiating contact despite having agreed on the no-contact rule
  • Repeating too often how he misses you
  • Constantly looking for excuses to call or text you even when he has nothing important to say
  • He reminisces about your past relationship
  • Wants to stay connected by wishing you happy birthday
  • Writing on social media how his life is empty without you

Asks your friends how you are doing

One of the biggest signs that he wants you back is if he has been asking your mutual friends how you are doing, then that is definitely a sign that he still has not gotten over you. So, if your mutual friends have been telling you how much he keeps talking about you and how much interested he is in what is going on in your life, he still loves you and cares about you, and probably has plans of getting back with you.

He becomes jealous and possessive

If your ex boyfriend wants you back, he is likely to display some jealousy and possessiveness, particularly when he sees you with another man. If you really want to find out if he is still interested in you, it is important that you pay attention to how he reacts whenever you are interacting with another guy. If you notice that he gets annoyed, overly critical or still wants to behave like he owns you, that is a sign that he still has feelings for you and he might want to come back to you.

He Compliments you Often

Your ex boyfriend probably complimented you a lot before the breakup, and you would expect that after the break up he would stop showering you with compliments. However, if he is still giving you compliments such as how nice your hair looks, how beautiful you are, or how well dressed you are, he is probably trying to lure you back into his life.

He shows interest in your love life

If you have been keeping in touch with your ex boyfriend and the only thing he is interested in is your love life, then take it as a sign that he has intentions of getting back with you. In other words, if your ex boyfriend has been asking you if you are dating someone, and if you have plans of committing yourself to someone else, he wants to find out if you are still available.

You bump on him wherever you go

You are likely to bump into your ex boyfriend if you live in the same neighbourhood, go to the same college, church or if you have mutual friends. However, if you keep seeing your boyfriend wherever you go and it has happened more than once, then he is doing it on purpose.

It is important to note that guys who are yet to get over their girlfriends, as well as guys who secretly want their girlfriends back, will always pull this move so that they can keep seeing them hoping that something will develop after constantly bumping into each other.

Therefore, if you have been bumping into your boyfriend at the grocery store, gym, train station, or office surroundings, he is doing it intentionally so that he can see you.

Food For Thought

It is important to note that these are the telltale signs that your ex boyfriend still has not gotten over you. These signs are a clear indication that there’s a good chance that you two can get back together if he insistently keeps doing what he has been doing. So, it is important that you remain calm during this period as you wait to see what will unfold.