Making a Guy Fall in Love With You

If you’ve gotten to the stage where you’ve been out with your new man a few times and you have been able to spark that chemistry and make him feel attraction towards you, then you must be feeling pretty pleased with yourself.

So if you’re thinking he’s pretty great and would like to take things a bit more seriously with him, here is the next stages to make him actually fall in love with you.

You may be wondering if it is actually possible to have such an impression to make a guy fall in love with you. The answer to this is, yes and no. Let me explain what I mean.

Making A Guy Fall In Love – Is It Possible?

It’s not too difficult to attract a guy and make him like you, but love is a little more tricky. Yes, I do believe this is something that we can have some measure of control over by doing the right things that will trigger feelings of love in him.

Man Psychology

The first step to making him fall in love with you is to understand the psychology of men.

Of course, not all men think the same, but there are certainly common qualities and ways of behaving that men respond to, similar to attraction.

It is important to bear in mind that most men are commitment phobic by nature, very few men will be ready to jump quickly into a serious relationship from the off-set.

Keeping this point in mind is a critical step to ensnaring him long-term. If you get too heavy with him too early on or talk about living together, babies and all that other stuff that men just don’t wanna hear in the initial stages of a relationship, you’ll send him running in the opposite direction.

The same goes for ‘assuming’ that you guys are now in a serious relationship and acting that way before it has been stated on his part. If you do this, he will likely start to feel trapped and look for a back door. My sister did exactly this with the last guy she was dating. Bless her, she had no idea that this would scare the bejesus out of the guy! Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last too much longer after that and the guy wound up breaking it off.

The trick is to play the early stages casual and light-hearted and just let him believe that the two of you are not getting too heavy too soon.

Although all guys need the time to go through this process, for some it may be as short as a month or two while others may take six months or more. The more commitment phobic he is or, the more he has been hurt or messed around in the past, the more time he will need at this stage.

When it does finally come to the point where it is becoming apparent that the two of you are getting more serious and he seems comfortable with it, let him think that it is his idea and wait for him to demonstrate or even verbally state that things are getting more serious.

Understanding the Mechanism of Love

Falling in love has been psychologically broken down into a process. By following this process, we can gain a little handle on this wonderful formula and turn it a degree to our advantage.

So what is this magical process?

Well, it starts off by the two of you hanging out and enjoying each others company, laughing and just generally having fun. Then, later on, when you are not around, if he is really into you then he will start to find himself thinking about your time together and remember all the qualities you displayed that he liked.

These qualities that men are attracted to include a woman who is upbeat, happy, fun-loving and kind-hearted, so make sure you display these great characteristics wherever possible.

From there, he will start to feel a warmth in his chest or a connection when he thinks about you, or both. This is the first signal he will recognise that he likes you a little more than he thought.

The, he will start to find himself thinking of you at random moments in the day. The nail in the coffin is when he starts bringing your name up in conversations with his friends and family. He may not realise it at first, but once he starts saying your name out loud in conversations, you are embedding deeper into his psyche.

So how can you use this information?

First, look to see how he reacts to you during conversations and in playful situations. Does he occasionally stop what he is doing and allow his gaze to linger on you a little longer than normal? If so, take note of what it was you were just doing that caused him to look at you in this way. Occasionally and casually repeat back the behaviour when appropriate. Be careful not to over-do it, though, or he may start to recognise what you are doing.

Listen to see if he mentions that he has told his friends or family members something about you. This is an excellent sign.

Playful Touch

During the conversation, occasionally and playfully touching him on the hand or arm is an excellent way to create more closeness and attraction between the two of you.

Studies have shown that touch can increase the closeness and comfort level in a variety of different relationships. As for romantic relationships, touch can help to increase the bond the two of you feel and also build the attraction as well.

If he tells you a joke or playfully teases you about something, give him a gentle punch on the arm or in the chest. Men find this endearing when women do this.

Connect on a Mental Level

Flirting and having fun are great, but after a while, this can get a little boring if there is no intellectual stimulation.

Find out what he is into and ask him questions about it. Discover what in particular causes such fascination in him about that and try to spark an interesting conversation about it. Doing this will not only help the two of you to establish a deeper and more meaningful connection, but it will also show him that you are not conceited and self-obsessed.

Ask him about his career, his goals and ambitions in life and where he sees himself ten years from now. Ask him why those goals are important to him.

Sticky Eyes

Sticky eyes is an eye contact technique I learned in my teens from a book I forget the name of. To use this method is very simple, but also tremendously powerful in creating a deeper attraction in the other person.

When he is talking, look into his eyes as you are listening to him. Be present, at the moment and pay attention to what he is saying. Agree, and respond in a normal conversation. Wait for something in your environment that would distract you from the conversation, for example, a waiter coming over to take your order, a load noise in the distance and so forth. Once this distraction has taken place, allow your head to turn ever so slowly towards the offending object while allowing your gaze to stay on his eyes.

As you slowly turn your head away from him, allow your eyes to linger on his eyes for just a few seconds more before fully turning your attention to the offending object.

Doing this subconsciously tells the guy that you are so captivated by his presence and what he is saying that it is hard for you to draw your gaze away from him. This will create deeper feelings of attraction in him.


So it can be entirely possible to make a guy fall for you. It all comes down to you firstly establishing a good connection with him, displaying the universally attractive qualities of being fun-loving, up-beat and kind-hearted and then as you get to know him better, you can start to pick up on the things that this guy also finds especially attractive by paying attention to him and observing his reactions to you. Once you do this, you can start to take a mental not of each time he is compelled to pay closer attention to you and then periodically repeat back the behaviour to him occasionally in subtle ways.

Seducing your man so he falls in love with you can start right from the beginning of the relationship, well, from the point that you have decided that he is the right one for you of course. Many couples nowadays meet through online dating so people are naturally more cautious of getting to know someone in this way, and rightly so. However, once you both get the chance to spend some time together face to face you can start assessing him right away for eligibility to your heart.