A Few Quick Online Dating Tips For Women

a woman looking at her online dating profile on a laptopWhen you are dating online, figuring out how to weed through the different profiles and how to find the best person for your needs can be a heady task. This is particularly true when you are using larger dating sites where you may get as many as 100 messages a day. This can seem crazy, but trust me, it does happen if you’ve got a good profile and a few good pictures of yourself!

These quick tips will ensure that you get through the messages and get to speak with people you actually want to date in a timely manner.

My Top Tips For Online Dating

Eliminate Mr Creepy

First, delete messages from anyone who seems creepy or who comes across as too forceful. If you feel uncomfortable with the first message, you won’t end up having a good time getting to know this kind of person. First impressions are important and you don’t want to allow someone who makes a bad impression on your life. You can live without the drama and aggravation.

Here is a rather amusing, but also somewhat scary article on the top 17 creepiest online dating profiles.

If you’re new to online dating and you haven’t come across anyone truly creepy yet, trust me, you probably will. Here is an eye-opening video of three very creepy online dating stories.

Weed Out Mr Jerk

Second, weed out the messages from people who say they are already in a relationship or who have a sob story that seems just too good to be true. These are often men who are looking to have sex with women without commitment and who aren’t going to be good dating material if you’re looking for a serious relationship.

If a man opens with a sob story, he is either cheating on his current partner or not he is simply ready to be in a relationship, both things are things that you don’t need to deal with.

If you need help becoming a better online jerk detector then check out this article from womanshealthmag.com.

Get Rid Of The Fakers

Third, get rid of anyone who isn’t using a real picture. These people could be anyone and they could be trying to get your personal information to scam you or harm you.

Seriously, we really need to be careful of our safety online. Absolutely do not meet up with anyone who you get a strange vide from, is not being honest with you or seems to be hiding something. If you think the person may be a weirdo then just block them.

For more safety info, please see this article from fidelitycheckonline.com.

Public Meet Up’s

Fourth, make sure that they are willing to meet in public. Anyone who pressures you to do otherwise is likely to harm you and is not someone that you want in your life. Never take a chance with this.

If you want to feel extra safe then ask a friend to come along with you, but perhaps sit at a different coffee table so the guy your meeting doesn’t realise that you have a friend nearby watching your back. Safety is very important and any real friend would not mind doing this for you.

Paying attention to these tips will help you to get through the all the nonsense and time wasting messages and onto a date with someone you like in far less time.

eHarmony.com is one of the top and most trusted dating sites. They have lots of great information for women on all areas of dating on their blog. Here is a good article from them with some great safety advice.

The Dating Phase

Once you’ve found someone who you think you can connect with and of course, can be trusted then you’ll naturally want to meet up with them. If he’s not a jerk or a creep then hopefully, the two of you will hit it off. As exciting as this phase can be, it is still important to bear in mind your safety until you feel you can completely trust him. For tips on the dating phase and getting into a relationship with him, visit boyfriendhelp.net/ for some great info.

If you’re not too sure if your online prospect can be trusted or if something may be amiss but you just can’t put your finger on it, then this article from Cosmo may her you.

Ladies, please be careful out there and be safe!