Best Things To Do On A First Date With A Guy

couple on a first dateYou’ve finally got it, a date with the guy of your dreams. You’re so excited that the butterflies in your stomach are beginning to turn into birds. Now the only question is, what to do on your first date.

You don’t want to appear too forward or give him the wrong impression. It is always best to meet for the first date in a public place. This will make both of you feel more comfortable and will also give the two of you plenty to talk about. So, what are the best options?

These tips should help you to choose the best things to do on your first date to help you get to know each other in a low-pressure environment.

Favorite Food

Find out what his favourite food is and suggest you meet in that type of restaurant. It doesn’t take a lot to discover this. You can find out as your getting to know her via text, online or in phone conversations.

A restaurant is a great place for a first date as if can help to provide a relaxed atmosphere for you tow to have a good conversation and find out about each other.

Furthermore, restaurants are a good place for people watching so will provide lots of conversation opportunities if one of you starts to get tongue tied.


If you’re not up for the food thing or if you don’t quite feel ready for that, there are a variety of fun activities that you can enjoy together.

Such things as mini-golf are great fun (even if you’re really bad at it). You’ll have fun walking through the course and getting to know one another.

There are other fun activities that can be done as well. If in doubt, give him the option of two or three different ideas and let him choose.

The great thing is that guys usually need to take the lead and suggest the setting for the first date, so this takes the pressure off of you. However, don’t be shy to suggest one or two things that you think will work well.

Meet At The Park

Meet at the park and have a picnic lunch if the weather is conducive. Stop at the local deli and pick up some chicken and potato salad and plan on a simple picnic in the public eye.

As mentioned earlier, planning something in public is less threatening and will help the two of you relax with each other. You could also plan on a rousing round of frisbee or yard darts if you’re adventurous.


Find a local fundraiser and volunteer together. You’ll have fun getting to know one another while helping others. This also shows your kind and caring side, which is always a good thing.

This is also an excellent way to learn how the other person acts when helping others.


Attend a local festival event together and stroll through the various exhibits.

This can be a fun way to learn what each other likes and enjoys. Take your time and laugh together.

These ideas will help to open up other ideas for the two of you to explore later on if a second date is on the cards.

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